Senior Care Family Advisors
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We Work for You

Our Commitment to You

See The Senior Care Family Service Difference


We work for you and represent you and your family

Our job is to help you with critical decisions

We do not accept any reimbursement from any facilities

We research the entire marketplace to find the best fit for your unique situation

When researching the market, we do not provide your personal information, acting as a filter, so that you are not contacted by any facility sales representatives

We tour the facilities with you and conduct a performance audit, you'll only spend about 5 hours with our process

During facility tours, we conduct a multi-point inspection and delivery a findings report

We provide a comprehensive RN assessment, a social worker cognitive consultation and DocuBank legal document secure storage as part of our standard all-inclusive fee

We conduct ongoing client follow up visits for 4 months after initial service has been concluded to ensure your satisfaction


'Free' Referral Services

They work for area facilities and represent them

Their job is to fill their client's buildings

They are paid sales commissions by the facilities they recommend

They only refer you to a limited number of partner facilities willing to pay them a sales commission or referral fee

They forward your personal information to their limited list of contracted facilities, then the facility sales representatives all contact you immediately, it's a race to see who can get to you first

They often do not tour facilities with you, you'll spend hours just returning all of the calls you receive from aggressive facility sales personnel

They tell you about facility amenities, similar to what you would hear about when choosing a hotel while planning your next vacation

Our only loyalty is to you and your family.
— John Largent, MHSA, CSA

We work for you and your family. Everything we do is for you, your loved ones, and is based on your unique situation. 

You retain us like you would for any other professional service provider such as accountant, financial planner or attorney. Senior Care Family Advisors represents you and your best interests.  We do not receive any compensation from any communities or care provider at any time.  

To learn more about the Senior Care Family Advisors Difference, contact us today at (210) 622-8510.