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Securing Your Parent's Home Before Leaving for Vacation

When you leave on vacation with your aging parent, you want to focus on the fun and experiences ahead of you. One important way to make sure you can do this throughout the time you are away is by securing their home and yours before leaving for vacation. Making sure the home is properly prepared gives you peace of mind and helps reduce the risk of serious issues while you are gone.

Use these tips to help you secure your parents home, and yours, before leaving for vacation:

● Request the mail be held at the post office until after you return. Mail piling up in the mailbox is a sure indication to potential criminals that no one is home, and no one has been home for several days.

●Stop service on magazines or newspapers meant to be delivered while you're gone for the same reason.

Be sure all doors and windows are locked and effectively secured. Consider adding additional security measures, such as bars that are tucked under door knobs on the interior of a door to prevent the door from being opened, or temporary bars to be placed over windows.

●Consider the weather while you're gone, and set the climate control to address these needs. Even though your parents won't be home, keep in mind that warm, humid weather can result in mold and mildew growth, and setting the air conditioner at a moderate level can keep the air and the house healthier.

Alert neighbors that your parents will be gone and ask that they keep an eye on the house. Knowing the house is meant to be empty can make it more likely they'll notice behaviors such as cars parked in front of the house or people moving around the house.

●Avoid mentioning that you'll be gone, or your parents will be gone, on public social media, as this can alert people who may be interested in criminal behavior.

Unplug electronics and appliances other than the refrigerator before leaving to save electricity and reduce the risk of electrical fire occurring while you are not home.

●Consider moving furniture away from windows to make entry into the house more difficult.

Elder care can be a fantastic way to enhance your aging parent's quality of life as they age in place. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a customized schedule to ensure they have continued access to the level of care, assistance, and support that is right for them. These care services are specifically designed for your aging parent as an individual. This means they will keep your parent's needs, challenges, preferences, personality, and goals in mind so they can pursue a lifestyle that is independent, active, and fulfilling while staying healthy and safe. Services can include safe and reliable transportation, assistance with errands such as grocery shopping, help with housekeeping tasks, personal care and activities of daily living support, meal preparation, medication reminders, companionship, and more.

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