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What's Your Backup Plan if You Get Sick? 

If you're a new caregiver, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy and go ahead and set up a backup plan for yourself when you get sick. Doing this helps everyone who cares about your aging family member know what to do when you're out of the picture for a day or two. 

Why Do You Need a Backup Plan? 

Even if you rarely get sick, you aren't completely immune from any of that as a family caregiver. You can find yourself under the weather surprisingly quickly, especially during cold and flu season. Besides the obvious, that you don't want to get your elderly family member sick, there's the fact that someone needs to be able to step up and fill in for you. 


Who Can You Count On? 

You might want to take some time and sit down with a pen and piece of paper to determine who can do what if you have to be out sick. It's possible that you might have several family members who can split up what you normally handle on your own. This is usually the point at which family caregivers and other family members realize just how much gets done by the family caregiver. If you don't have family members you can rely on, now might be the time for you to look into elder care providers for backup. You'll want to help them get to know your senior well before you actually need their help, though. 


Set up Backups for Your Backups

If you're like most people, you don't get sick when it's convenient. It's always going to be the worst possible moment for everyone and it's entirely likely that your backup options may not be as ready as you'd like them to be. This is when having backups for your backups is going to be so vital for you and for everyone concerned. Elder care services are some of the best final backups to have because they're experienced and this is their business. 


Keep Information Updated Regularly

The key to having this plan work well for you is to update the information your backups will need. Whether you're using notebooks where you jot down routines or you have computer files that you update and then print out when you need them, you're going to find this much easier to do if you keep up with it. Set aside just a few minutes every week to update anything that's incorrect. 

Few caregivers stop to think about what happens if they get knocked out by a bug, even for a day. Depending on how much help and care your senior needs, your backup plans need to be bulletproof so that everything can go on without you. 

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