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Five Things Seniors With Alzheimer's Wish People Would Understand

Alzheimer's disease. You know what you see. Your mom has her own experience. Many people you encounter simply don't understand. You wish they could.

Men and women with Alzheimer's disease were asked what they wish others would understand.

Here are the top five things they mentioned...

#5 – They're Still There

Forgetting what to say, names, faces, and locations are all part of Alzheimer's disease. While that's what others see, people with Alzheimer's are still in there. They want compassion and understanding. Comments like “you didn't listen” or “you already said that” can hurt.

#4 – Alzheimer's is More Than Forgetting

There are aspects of Alzheimer's that go beyond forgetting. Alzheimer's can make you feel paranoid or delusional. You can feel like a neighbor is out to get you. You can feel like your daughter is stealing your clothing when you're not looking. It can make you hallucinate. Loud noises and large crowds can be terrifying. Your personality can change. 

#3 – Loneliness and Isolation Hurt

People don't know how to handle Alzheimer's. They find it distressing seeing the anger, delusions, hallucinations, and memory loss. As a result, they visit less often. The last thing someone with Alzheimer's wants is to lose friends and family members due to the disease.

#2 – Alzheimer's is Terrifying

It's hard to watch a mom, dad, sibling, or friend declining. Remember that it's just as hard for a person with Alzheimer's to go through the disease. People with Alzheimer's know there are gaps in memory and that the brain is forgetting things.

They know they're misplacing important items. They struggle with memory tests that doctors give, and they see the results that show they keep declining. They also know they can't do anything to stop it.


#1 – Alzheimer's Will Steal the Ability to Finish Daily Activities of Living

As Alzheimer's progresses, the ability to complete daily activities of living also diminishes. It becomes impossible to remember when you last had a glass of water or something to eat. You put on jeans and a heavy sweater on a hot, humid day. You forget you have dinner cooking. You lose bladder and bowel control.

When your mom can no longer handle the daily activities of living on her own, she needs care. Caregivers can help her with medication reminders, meals, bathing, grooming, and transportation. Home care services can keep her from wandering and getting lost. Talk to a home care agency about

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