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Dance Classes Keep Elderly Adults Fit and Happy 

Did you know that the health benefits of dancing classes designed for elderly adults can make them both fit and happy? It’s true because dance classes are a form of exercise and many studies show that regular exercise can boost a person’s physical and mental health.  

Elderly adults often grow less active as they get older, due to injury, illness, disease and the effects of aging. It can be hard for them to get motivated to exercise. Because dance classes are fun and a good workout, they are becoming increasingly popular with aging adults.  


Physical Benefits of Dance Classes

Seniors struggle with the effects of aging and often develop a weakened lower body, stiff joints, and slower reflexes. Because they are prone to inactivity, seniors can also lose muscle mass and struggle with keeping their balance. However, with dance classes, they can improve their coordination and flexibility greatly. They are less likely to suffer a slip and fall accident when they are strong and steady thanks to dance classes. 

Not only do they grow stronger and more stable, they improve their cardiovascular health in the process. Many seniors that exercise regularly via dance classes even report that chronic pain is not as intense and they take fewer pain medications. Active seniors even visit the doctor less often because they are healthier than elderly adults that don’t participate in any kind of exercise program. Finally, seniors that exercise regularly sleep better, making them more rested and alert to face the challenges of a new day. 


Mental Health Benefits of Dance Classes

Besides physical strength, seniors also benefit from dance classes when it comes to mental health. Because dance classes are fun and inspiring, seniors get to enjoy the interaction and social aspect of participating. Studies show that when seniors engage in physical activity in social settings, it improves their cognitive functions, communication skills, and self-esteem.  

Exercise can also reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Because these mental health conditions are magnified in people that are isolated and Research even shows that learning new activities and meeting new people can even postpone the development of dementia in the elderly. Seniors often find they can concentrate better and think better when they exercise regularly. 


Everyone Can Attend Dance Classes

Some of the more common dance classes for seniors include age-appropriate jazz, ballet, salsa, water aerobics, Zumba and more. No matter what a person’s disabilities are, there is a class out there for them. There are even wheelchair dance classes that incorporate classic moves and music for those of all abilities. Many classes are offered through senior citizen centers, community centers, dance studios and fitness centers and more.  Of course, elderly adults should always check in with their doctor to ensure that dance classes are an appropriate part of a comprehensive elderly care health and wellness plan. 

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