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Voices for Aging - Episode #001

Episode #001
When I first started thinking about doing the podcast for seniors the first question that came to my mind was who's going to listen? Who is my audience? Are seniors going to listen to my podcast? Are families or loved one seek out information in a vast cyber world full of information? I want to talk to you this week about my rationale and why I decided to do the show and do it in a different way. Something that is entertaining and creative that also provides information vital to the welfare and happiness of you and your family. We will do that all this week on Voices for Aging.


Hi everybody. Thank you so much for joining us for episode number one of the Voices for Aging podcast. I'm John Largent your host. I'm a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and have over 30 years of experience in healthcare and the senior care industry. The show comes to you from the banks of the Riverwalk in beautiful downtown San Antonio Texas. Thanks for listening.

This week's episode - episode one is going to be different than every other episode I do from here on out I think it's important for you to understand who is speaking to you and what I hope to get out of this, not only for myself but more importantly for people that are listening. 
I have a passion for seniors. I don't think we do a great job in this country of taking care of our elderly and it's been my mission to correct that in any way I can I think with the ability to speak to the entire country is well as the rest of the world. I feel like it's an opportunity to touch different lives in different ways and also pull experts from different areas from across the globe to speak to you, to speak to our audience, to speak to our family and that's really what I think of this show. This is going to be a family and it doesn't matter how many people listen to this, it's that those that do find value in it. I wanted to speak from the heart today because I wanted to give you a sense of who I am and what the show is about and how I really want to help those that need help.

I'm extremely committed to providing this service for the listeners out there that find value in it to stick around for a few weeks and listen to to the conversations that we have in the topics that we discussed because it's not only going to be about senior care in the spectrum of senior care options that exist out; there because there are a ton.

So many times when I get a call, a family is in crisis mode. Mom or dad has fallen. They're in the hospital. They're going to be moved to a rehab. They'll be there for a couple of weeks and then the doctor has advised against them going home. So all these things start happening. It is a chaotic and stressful time...And the world we live in now, families don't live as closely together as they used to. This is common and so one of the things that I really am going to get on my soapbox about is pre-planning your senior care needs...and what I mean by that is do some investigation now or have someone do it for you. If you don't have the time or you're not in the locale. but start thinking about it now.

If your if your family member is over 70 or is in poor health, the day is going to come where they're going to need assistance. I think we are so busy in our lives that we don't take the time; yes we do financial planning; yes we do plan our wills, and yes we do plan for college funds and things like that. We even plan for our funerals but no one seems to fill that gap with what's going to happen between healthy mom or dad and mom and dad that needs someone with them either a few hours a week or 24 hours a day.

So I hope to shed some light on the opportunities that exist out there and make no mistake about it this is not an inexpensive endeavor. I think that maybe one of the reasons why we hold off on discussing it is because it is uncomfortable to talk about. It is expensive and when family members are involved; more than one, there's more than one opinion and it can be a source of anger and stress for family members.

We will also have some great guests - a mix of guests from local experts to experts known around the world. We're going to talk about things like dementia and Alzheimer's and recovering from a stroke to name a few.


The other thing that I want to do differently is I want to get you involved. I want you to share your experiences with us. I want you to tell us your stories and we'll talk to talk about them on the air and if you're comfortable, we like to have you on the air to discuss it together. We want you to share your stories about a great caregiver or about a heartbreaking experience that you had maybe with a with a parent or loved one but we want to embrace all of the challenges. We don't want to sugar-coat this. We don't want to make it seem that this is going to be an easy transition. This is part of the life cycle and it's amazing with all the medical advances that people are living such healthy lives for the most part.

Before I go in this will be a short episode this week because I just wanted to share with you my unfiltered my unscripted thoughts and just the the sense of what I want this community to be and I do want it to be a community.

All of us go through dealing with a parent or with a loved one that needs more help than we can provide. So if we can provide some sort of oasis; some sort of island to be able to share information and for you to share information with us we certainly want to do it.

I'm beyond honored that you spent some time with me today and I am excited to bring this forum to you I look forward to talking to you next week.'

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