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Is Your Aging Adult Looking for a New Hobby?

Having hobbies that she enjoys keeps your aging adult mentally active and can help her to get out and about more often. Being more socially active is especially important if she's prone to isolating herself. Your elderly family member may not have had much time for hobbies before, so it can be tough to know what to even try.

Making Art
Your senior might believe that art has to look at certain way in order for it to be considered art, but that's not necessarily true. Help her to explore different styles of art and try them out. Your senior may land on an art form that she really loves. 

Many people lump art and crafts together into one hobby, but they can be very different. Crafting can cover a lot of ground, too. Everything from scrapbooking to knitting can fall under the crafts umbrella. The more fun your senior has with crafting, the better it is.

Dancing can be a terrific hobby for your aging adult. She gets the boost in activity from such a physical hobby, but she can also express herself. If your aging family member focuses on a particular style of dance, such as ballroom or tap, she might even find that taking lessons helps her mentally and socially.

Caring for Plants
Gardening and caring for plants encourages your senior to learn more about what the plants need the most from her in order to thrive. If your elderly family member hasn't ever done any gardening before, she might be surprised at how physically active it can be as a hobby.

For some people, the best hobbies are the ones that allow them to meet and to help new people. Your senior might enjoy learning more about what people in her community need and then helping them with those needs. One way to find out what volunteer options are available is to contact your local county government offices. They often have lists of agencies that need help.

For some aging adults, transportation or the lack thereof keeps them from fully committing to hobbies. Take the guesswork out for your senior and hire elderly care providers to take over the transportation headaches.


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